"The ethos of Follyfoot generally was to give another chance to both horses and people who had been rejected by the rest of society" - Wiki

Main cast of Follyfoot, from left to right: Christian Rodska (Ron Stryker), Desmond Llewelyn (The Colonel), Gillian Blake (Dora), Steve Hodson (Steve), Arthur English (Slugger).


Dora Maddocks (Gillian Blake) arrives at Follyfoot farm in the first episode of Series 1. The daughter of rich parents, Dora is yet to find a purpose in life. When left with her uncle, Colonel Geoffrey Maddocks (Desmond Llewelyn), while her parents travel abroad, the young woman welcomes the replacement of material possessions for a love of horses. She is an idealist, stubborn, but caring, though her relationship with horses and ponies is far more straight-forward than it is with people.

Follyfoot is her idyll, however over the course of the three series she faces dangers and heartache, struggles and conflict as reality often threatens to break through her bubble. She eventually becomes Mistress of Follyfoot during Series 3 when her uncle is too unwell to oversee the day to day running of the farm.

Dora develops feelings for Steve, a co-worker at Follyfoot.

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