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Article author: Alwyn Ash
"At the right time, in the right light, everything is extraordinary"

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(First published on STBwrites)

Politics. You just can't escape it as the UK approaches a general election (Thursday 7 May 2015) - ironic, my tablet corrected with "wreck election", does it know something we don’t? Party candidates and supporters are out in force, door to door, with a single aim of trying to persuade us why their party is the one to vote. I get it, they want to be admired, and their policies are the best! However, just what are these policies, and can party leaders keep their word if elected?

The problem I have is simple lack of trust; we've heard speeches before promising this and that, with each party criticising fellow candidates, joking and verbally prodding like school children in the playground. But these are (supposedly) intelligent adults. And yet, I cannot even begin to respect them. Politics? Shouldn’t that be “polite(ics)”; speaking of which, do check out the official ICS (International Citizen Service) website, now they ‘are’ people to admire and support! -

Frank Collins, a fellow writer I follow on Twitter, said, "Tory and Labour MP leaflets through the door. Tory leaflet plastered with negative campaigning, instilling voter fears. In the bin.”

One tweet that summed up my own feelings. I want to believe that my Government is respectful and open to honest criticism without the need for adolescent retort. Whenever I see these delegates of our glorious Kingdom in Parliament, cheering and laughing, deriding and snoozing, I do wonder just where I am supposed to fit in with this scene. Are these people I wish to lead our country into a future of prosperity for everyone, or does shame shroud my being in a way that keeps me from joining in with any possible vision? Sadly, I must admit the latter.

I understand that no one is perfect; anyone can make mistakes. We are not asking for miracles. But lives are affected, many deeply, by the actions of a Government – it is disrespectful to joke in general when there are clear issues of concern regarding health, both physical and mental; the appalling state of the NHS (National Health Service); economy crisis; and so much more than I can name right now.

The Bedroom Tax is one such problem, especially when you consider stories of grieving families who, having lost a child, are told to downsize or pay up - this from a Government that wastes so much money. And it is not just the deaths of children; a woman whose son had been killed in Afghanistan while serving in the Royal Signals, was forced to give up the home she had shared with her other son for 11 years as a result of these financial changes. Writer and poet Michael Rosen has described Bedroom Tax as “a levy on the grief of the poor”.

I accept that we are fortunate in some ways; free speech is not given to many in other countries, risking imprisonment and/or death. This very article is celebrating the freedom of speech already. I am thankful for that. And we do get to vote for whatever party we choose. So, who to vote? I have already chosen, though my decision must be rewarded by a visible improvement in areas that I care about deeply. But I will not hold my breath. We have been here before. And still, those men and women in Parliament will continue to frustrate the professional in me.

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