Monday, March 11, 2013

Destiny of the Doctor - Babblesphere

Article author: Alwyn Ash

The big celebration to see launch of exciting stories for every Doctor...

Eleven Doctors, eleven months! These magnificent tales continue with Destiny of the Doctor 4 adventure Babblesphere, featuring the Fourth Doctor (as regularly played by actor Tom Baker from 1974-81). Written by Jonathan Morris and directed by John Ainsworth, Babblesphere follows in the footsteps of January's First Doctor story Hunters From Earth, February's Second Doctor adventure Shadow of Death, and this month's Third Doctor offering Vengeance of the Stones. Lalla Ward and Roger Parrott play the roles of Romana and Aurelius respectively.

"The violent, volcanic world of Hephastos is home to a colony of composers, painters, authors and poets, all striving to create the greatest works of art the universe has ever seen. But in pursuit of their goal, artistic collaboration has been taken a stage too far... When the Doctor and Romana arrive, they discover the colonists have neglected their well-being and their once beautiful habitat, which has now succumbed to decay, and they are enslaved to the Babble network which occupies their every waking moment. Every thought, however trivial or insignificant , is shared with everyone else and privacy is now a crime.

"The colonists are being killed and the Doctor and Romana begin to suspect that a malevolent intelligence is at work. With time running out, the two time travellers race to discover the truth before they too are absorbed into the endless trivia of the Babblesphere..."

It has been worked out rather nicely so that the current Doctor (played by Matt Smith in the television series) will appear in his own title in November, the Anniversary month! All stories are produced by Big Finish for AudioGO. Performers for each adventure will be announced through the year.

These audiobooks will be available for download, or on a single CD (RRP £10.20). With music and sound design courtesy of Steve Foxon, what better way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the greatest sci-fi show on Planet Earth than to add this title to your audio collection...

Jonathan Morris has written for both the BBC Eighth Doctor and Past Doctor Adventures in addition to audio scripts for Big Finish including The Haunting of Thomas Brewster, Bloodtide, and the Judge Dredd range.

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These adventures can also be purchased via the official Big Finish website.