Monday, December 10, 2012

Film Watch 2012: Jack Reacher

Tom Cruise is ready for some action

Taking a look at some of the films to be released this year...

Tough guy Tom Cruise has never shyed away from hard roles, and this year he takes on the part of a former Army Military Police officer who investigates a shooting in which five people are killed. Adapted from the novel One Shot, actually the ninth book in the series written by The New York Times bestselling British author Lee Child, this outing is sure to be a hit with action (yes, plenty of that!) and thriller fans.

Reacher is a man who works outside the law, a determined warrior in his quest to uncover the truth - and exact his own idea of justice! Director Christopher McQuarrie, who had also worked with Cruise in the 2008 historical movie Valkyrie, is quite capable of producing unexpected results and giving out something that will surprise and entertain. Who can easily forget Bryan Singer's 1995 hit The Usual Suspects, written by McQuarrie?

Jack Reacher is due out later this month.

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