Monday, November 26, 2012

VirulentBlurb: Fractures - BookReview

Article author: Alwyn Ash

"Leather lost and torn. Sally. Cornered and dripping feline. Mixbox punching. Codes ignite. Frequency folding. Revolution rears resolutions..."

The pathways of the Net have always been the ultimate connection between you, your friends, fans, readers, associates etc. Since the creation of this wondrous entity there has been an explosion in online self-published novels and eBooks, social interaction, podcasts, web series, and so much more than you could investigate in your lifetime - for this amazing web continues to grow, weave, and spread its influence...

Writer, author, poet and visionary Kneel Downe had taken something, a story, and given it to us in a form unlike any other. VirulentBlurb is a fantasy novel that began life on social networking site Twitter. @VirulentBlurb was a dream that has evolved, grown to become a unique piece of style and wonder.

VirulentBlurb: Fractures, the first novel in a series that can only feel its way further through the interlocking fibres of life and influence, is created with such precision and poetic touch that you are transported into a world of vivid mystery, every brushstroke of word and sentence delivering originality. Through the twelve "phazes" and 140 characters that have been available via Twitter, Downe not only embraced a social networking site and made it his own Universe, this man of words and magic has captured the imagination and hearts of those who have been lucky enough to become a part of his world.

As novelist and playwright Jeff Noon described, "Kneel is 100 percent an individual. His work is unique, and his attitude to life moves through the sentences like a spirit, guiding and creating his vision, in both form and content."

High praise that is extremely well deserved! But let us not forget that Fractures isn't just a tale in the usual sense. What you get with Downe is a complete package, a formulation of increased storytelling told through every possible way, including scripts that compliment Downe's indepth exploration by taking it to other stages in its development. There has already been great interest in VirulentBlurb, and not just from Noon!

Splicing, genetic engineering, is such a fascinating and yet terrifying subject, a step into both genius and madness: "Splicing technology allowed us to wear bodies not our own: A Genetic cloak of dreams."

With the book release of The Journal of Kurt Lobo also imminent (due in 2013), the playing ground is wide open and clear for this fabulous author to spread the word of a Universe that is well accomplished and full of nightmares and new breeds. Remember VirulentBlurb - it will be the stuff of legends!

VirulentBlurb: Fractures is available to purchase via Lulu,