Saturday, October 8, 2011

Common sense needs to be employed at the Royal Mail - LifeView

Article author: Alwyn Ash

How can something so simple be difficult to implement?

Most of us have been the victims of stupidity at one time or another. However, this morning it was a surpise to find that a brand new parcel, quite clearly far too large, had been squeezed through the letterbox by a Royal Mail postman - now the items inside are damaged! This has happened to me twice now and, quite clearly, the Royal Mail needs to employ staff with more than a little common sense to deliver its parcels and letters.

Two books, both hardback, don't look anywhere as nice now that the dust-covers are ripped and the spines bent at the top - that's £38 of my money! To add insult to injury, I was at home when this incident occurred so there really was no need for the postman to behave in such a thoughtless manner - a simple knock on the door would have been adequate.

And then there is the delivery of letters to an incorrect address: every door in our street is quite clearly marked with brass numbers, even the most long-sighted individual should be able to make them out. And yet, only a few weeks back, neighbours were complaining of mail being delivered to the wrong doors. Yes, mine included!

If this kind of shoddy behaviour continues, the Royal Mail is likely to damage its reputation even further. If it happens here, it is bound to be taking place elsewhere? Perhaps staff training is in order? Let us hope that the Royal Mail employs people with common sense in future, because this kind of negligence is not acceptable!