Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Riots disgrace in the UK 2011

"The death penalty is regarded by the majority these days as a disgraceful and inhumane substitute to imprisonment"

Mindless thugs. It is bad enough that this planet is plagued by terrorism, starvation, civil wars etc., but for this to happen, in any country, without good cause, is a disgrace.

According to some, it all began with the shooting of one man, Mark Duggan, in North London, killed by police marksmen. And while there may be grounds to question his death, I have no doubt that the recent riots in London and elsewhere in the UK are not in direct response to the incident. Yes, whenever someone dies at the hands of police there is always outrage, and questions to be asked. But, what just cause is there to inflict the kind of devastation on homes and businesses that we have seen of late? The past few nights have given us a pitiful display of Human violence, a stream of hatred and recklessness.

Homes have been attacked, shops plundered, and both buildings and cars set alight. This is the work of violent and mindless criminals intent on inflicting chaos, not seeking justice.

It is also disappointing to see the police struggling to cope with the riots. While youths storm through the streets brandishing knives, batons and bricks, police officers fear for their own safety, and that of innocent bystanders. I suppose some will by thinking, is it time for Martial law, at least during the next few nights? Thugs should never be protected by "Human rights", in my opinion - if they choose a life of crime and disorder then let them pay the price for their mischief!

The justice system, too, is weak on these inhuman creatures, allowing them bail in many cases, only for them to return to society to inflict further violence.

The death penalty is regarded by the majority these days as a disgraceful and inhumane substitute to imprisonment, rehabilitation always preferred (though some countries do still practise and enforce it). And of course we cannot go around arresting, jailing and executing criminals just because it is possible - but the UK has gone soft; justice leans more towards the side of the lawbreaker rather than the victim, and protecting your own home from an intruder is uncertain ground for many of us: do we have the right to kill, even in self defence?

Drastic changes need to be introduced if these kinds of problems are to be stamped out. If, during a riot, hooligans break into my house - and I believe my life to be in danger - do I have the right to strike out against them, protecting myself and those who live with me? Or, because the law is so upside down, should I just stand there and be victimised?

If these people prefer a life of crime - if they choose to invade your home - then it is my opinion that criminals should lose all rights, their right to justice should be left outside, in the street; the moment they set foot in your hallway, or kitchen, you decide what is reasonable justice.

Controversial perhaps, and a point of view that certainly won't be shared by some of you. But as a society we have tolerated the criminal actions of others for far too long.

Protect the innocent!