Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blogger: Adding an image behind a widget

Tested and working on Blogger!

Similar to the "adding an image behind text" except... this one is perfect if you wish to install a poll widget, let's say, and wish to customise a background for it. You can see an example below, followed by the HTML code:

"Oh, brilliant!"
Quote: Twice Upon a Time (Christmas special, 25th December 2017)

Thirteenth Doctor played by
Jodie Whittaker (2018-present)

On 16 July 2017, the BBC announced that Whittaker would become the thirteenth and first female incarnation of The Doctor[2] in the British TV series Doctor Who. She formally assumed the role from Peter Capaldi in the 2017 Christmas special episode "Twice Upon a Time" when Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor regenerated into Whittaker's Thirteenth Doctor - Wikipedia