Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sci-Five: Elisabeth Sladen tribute

"To say that I cried is not something to be embarrassed about"
Last month fans paid their respects to actress Elisabeth Sladen, who sadly passed away after a battle with cancer. The messages posted on blogs, podcasts, Twitter etc. were both heartfelt and sincere.

Recently, I was asked to contribute to one such podcast. Sci-fi fans Neil Gardner and Tanja Glittenberg have put together something quite wonderful, as you will hear. There are many contributions and dedications to Elisabeth, all read by Gardner. The podcasts produced by Sci-Five have a usual length of five minutes (hence the name) but this special tribute has been extended to over an hour...

Contributors include Paul Magrs, Barnaby Edwards, Paul Finch, Michael Stevens and Jason Arnopp. Hosts Neil and Tanja also share their thoughts throughout the podcast.

You can listen to the Elisabeth Sladen Special at Sci-Five Podcast.

In addition, listen to it below:


My friends Neil and Tanja invite you to listen to their
tribute podcast to a beautiful lady...

Alwyn Ash: 44:31

Elisabeth Sladen Special © Sci-Five
Podcast 2011

For further reading, check out my tribute to Elisabeth