Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Elisabeth Sladen RIP

Actress dies after illness.

"I am still at a loss to understand why we have lost such a beautiful
Human being"
To say that I cried is not something to be embarrassed about. Last night, while checking Twitter on my mobile phone, the news that actress Elisabeth Sladen had died knocked me for six. Even now, after it has actually sunk in, I find myself empty.

And the questions emerge: why so young? How so suddenly? There are no answers. And so I find myself paying tribute to a beautiful lady and a fantastic actress. Joining Doctor Who's ever-growing cast is always exciting, although following in the footsteps of previous companion Katy Manning was never going to be easy. However, Elisabeth managed to become one of the most successful and loved companions the show, and indeed its fans, had ever seen.

Sarah Jane Smith was, and still is, something quite special!

During her (regular) time on the show, Elisabeth had starred alongside two Doctors, Jon Pertwee and Tom baker. But following her departure in 1976, the actress remained passionate about the series, making an appearance in 1983 for The Five Doctors anniversary special. For a new generation of fans there came a spin-off, made possible by Elisabeth's guest-appearance in 2006 Doctor Who adventure School Reunion - where she was reunited with the Doctor, then in his Tenth persona (David Tennant).

And recently with Matt Smith - joined by fellow ex-companion Katy Manning.

How to end such a tribute as this? By repeating what I wrote on my Facebook wall last night:

"Have just heard about Elisabeth Sladen's passing. Very sad. Right now I cannot put into words how I truly feel about this. RIP my dear! xx"

May now have the words... but I am still at a loss to understand why we have lost such a beautiful Human being.